What finance do we offer?

Take a look at our flyer which provides more information on the facilities we are able to offer, including the rates at the time of publishing and some headline conditions.

Seneca Bridging Finance Summary Flyer

Seneca Bridging has a strong team with a concentration of property lending experience and we are able to guide developers directly as well as via brokers on how we can best assist them.

We are contactable on 01942 295 982 or by email at enquiries@senecabridging.co.uk.

Seneca Bridging offers short term bridging loan funding for residential and commercial property transactions, auction purchases, renovations and development projects.

Seneca Bridging is a principal lender, not a broker or intermediary service. The team lends their own funds so don’t need to consult other lenders or banks.

Seneca Bridging provides unregulated bridging and development finance to individuals and companies throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Seneca Bridging’s reputation is built on providing quick, flexible and dependable finance.