About us

Seneca Bridging is a privately-backed provider of short-term bridging and development loans.

Trading since 2006, we are now a longstanding, established, funding partner focussed on the provision of Bridging and Development Loans to property professionals many of whom are regular repeat borrowers.

We provide unregulated Bridging and Development finance from £100k net to £2m for a term of up to 24 months. We fund residential and commercial property developments, from refurbishment to “ground-up” developments throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

The team

Our team brings together decades of proven hands-on capability in property, construction, finance and underwriting.

Criteria & rates

We can very quickly undertake an initial assessment of a loan’s viability and our team are happy to discuss and explore all possible solutions.


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Why choose us

We are a long-standing provider of finance, highly regarded in the market. We are quick, experienced and professional. Our reputation has been built on providing flexible and dependable Development finance and Bridging finance through short lines of communication.

The property sector is built on relationships and this is something we stand by at Seneca Bridging. We like to visit every property we lend on and meet everyone we lend to. We work very closely with brokers and introducers, to whom we provide fast and consistent feedback. We also guarantee complete transparency of overall costs.

If you require a flexible and personable lender who will work to bring your clients’ plans to life:

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