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Diligent Lending Exceptional Value

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Residential & Commercial

We routinely fund the purchase of residential or commercial property for new and experienced property developers to grow their property portfolios.

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Refurbishment Finance

We are able to fund value-adding improvements and the conversion of the property in addition to bridging the original acquisition, across England, Wales & Scotland.

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Development & Construction Finance

We are able to fund the construction of residential and commercial developments, including new houses or apartments. These can be amongst the most complex projects.

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Who are Seneca Bridging?

Seneca Bridging Finance is one of several Seneca companies that provide debt, growth capital, equity and advisory services to UK SMEs. Seneca also provide independent investment management for high net worth individuals and a corporate advisory service for UK SMEs.

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Auction Purchasing

How To Get The Job Done With Bridging Finance It’s the sport that can only be won whilst running against the clock: auction purchasing. Every...

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