Let’s Work Together

Seneca has been a principal lender for around 4 years providing funding for residential and commercial property transactions, auction purchases, renovation and development projects. We lend our own funds so we don’t need to consult other lenders or banks. We can lend between £25k and £3m which means that we can deal with the majority of deals that brokers refer to us.

Our core team has decades of hands on experience in property and construction, finance and underwriting. Our reputation has been built on providing quick decisions, quick transactions, short lines of communication and delivering on what we promise.


Why work with us?

– We’re an accessible, proactive lender.

– We want to continue to develop long-standing relationships with the broker and intermediary community.

– Integrity is one of our core values and we are a patron of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB). We will always deliver what we promise.

– We are committed to acting quickly and making fast decisions so long as we’ve got enough information.

– We are an experienced team and we’ve been running this particular product range for around 4 years.

– We do not ordinarily require brokers to complete a lengthy application process to get started.

– Once you have provided us an invoice on or following completion, procuration fees are paid without delay.


Key Summary

– We lend for up to 12 months, though sometimes longer.

– Happy to lend anywhere over £25k to £3m, though sometimes more.

– A clear exit strategy is required.

– We take a first legal charge on the property.

– As a guide, we usually look to a maximum outstanding loan and interest at completion of 65% of the end value. Some flexibility can be provided on a case by case basis.

– We typically charge an arrangement fee of 1% (plus your costs, which are deducted from the initial drawdown) and 1% exit fee.

– The monthly interest rate is priced on a case by case basis.

– We provide unregulated bridging finance so we are unable to arrange a bridge on property or land where the borrower or members of their immediate family intended to live in, now or in the future.

– Complete transparency over all costs guaranteed.

We are always interested to hear from brokers or introducers who aren’t currently working with us. If you have a query or you wish to discuss your client’s case and requirements, please give us a call on 01942 295 982 or email us on enquiries@senecabridging.co.uk.