We provide short-term bridging loans secured by first legal charge on residential or commercial property and land. Our bridging solutions are ideal for developers who need to move quickly, perhaps to secure a property at an auction or to ensure fast completion prior to mortgage drawdown, or for renovation and refurbishment work which cannot easily be financed by a mortgage from the outset. We also finance quality smaller development projects where we have certainty over exit via a mainstream lender or a contracted sale.

We lend to both private individuals and companies. The types of short-term loans we are able to provide are as follows:

Residential or commercial purchase, including the financing of an auction purchase. We are able to finance the acquisition of a residential or commercial property so long as the property is unencumbered and will not be occupied by the borrower or their family, now or in the future.

Refurbishment finance. We provide loans for the purposes of refurbishing or carrying out a conversion of a property with the intention of creating value and selling or re-mortgaging the property. Refurbishment finance almost always forms part of an initial purchase bridge which provides for a complete solution for the borrower.

Development finance. We are able to fund the construction of small developments of residential property. We pride ourselves on getting to grips with the projects that are referred to us. We can also fund commercial developments including the creation and extension of retail space, offices, industrial units, and so on.

If you have a query in relation to the type of funding you might require, please get in touch using one of our forms below or otherwise contact us on 01942 295 982.