How We Work – You and Your Borrower Client

Every transaction is unique. Every development project is different. At Seneca all cases are considered on their own merit and individually priced. We are not an aggressive lender, instead we are flexible and work with borrowers who may experience delays or difficulties. We provide the personal touch, we like to visit every property we lend on and meet everyone we lend to.


1. We have an appetite to lend. Funds are always available to complete new and urgent deals.

2. We need to get familiar with the property or land, your client’s plan, their funding requirements and method of exit in order to repay the bridge.

3. We are comfortable lending up to c. £3m but we will consider lending more in some cases. The maximum term is usually 12 months and we can roll up interest if required. We will always seek a first legal charge on the property as security for the loan.

4. As a guide, we usually look to a maximum outstanding loan and interest at completion of 65% of the end value. Some flexibility can be provided on a case by case basis.

5. After ensuring that the project is financially viable, we will arrange to meet you and visit the property. We can arrange this very quickly.

6. Once satisfied, we would issue Heads of Terms within 24 hours if not straightaway.

7. Once the signed Heads of Terms are received, we would instruct a valuer and lawyers and support the whole transaction to completion.

8. Complete transparency over all costs is guaranteed.

9. Where a borrower experiences delays or difficulties in repaying their loan or monthly interest, we expect the borrower to inform us so that we can help and work with them.

10. Brokers and introducers are paid to an account of their choice on receipt of an invoice following completion.

If you have a query or you wish to discuss your client’s case with us, please get in touch using one of our forms below or otherwise contact us on 01942 295 982.